About Mike Lamble

A Yorkshire man living in the most beautiful city in the world - Sydney.

I spend my days and evenings doing the things I love which I have ever since I left college more years ago than I am prepared to admit. I worked at a number of advertising agencies in the UK including Saatchi and Saatchi after which I became a freelance illustrator and teacher. After a short holiday in Australia eighteen years ago I had the feeling I had come home so the following year I came to live here with a little help from Bob Isherwood art director Saatchi and Saatchi Sydney.

I am married to the most beautiful Japanese woman with a most wonderful mother-in-law to match, no kids our view it's not a world we would like to bring children into I think for the most obvious of reasons.

I have my own art school on the north shore of Sydney which has grown out of all my other teaching commitments from around the city, where on completion of my courses students would ask me for private tuition. In my opinion my love of art, my love of teaching, my love of being with people and sharing what I know is the reason why the Northshore school of art exists.